I discovered Ireland in 2011 and that was the end of life as I knew it.  The moment I arrived in this gorgeous country I fell in love with the landscape, the culture, the smell of turf burning in the air, the craic, and the people.  On my travels, one small little town captured my heart, that town is Dingle.  I return to Dingle a couple of times a year and lovingly call it my home away from home.

I am sure you're wondering how dingleface got its name, well it is just a term of endearment my girlfriend and I call each other every time we have a chat.  Hi Dingleface!

I have been taking pictures most my life, my father was a photographer and my influence.  I have freelanced at friends weddings, family reunions and birthday parties.  After my son was born I concentrated on pictures of him and once we started traveling together, well the scenery and landscapes consumed me.  No matter how many photos I have to share with you, nothing beats being there, seeing it, feeling it and losing yourself in this magical place.  

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