Camping and Fishing at Annascaul Lake

October 3, 2017

There is more to Ireland than castles and pubs.  Try spending a night under the stars.   For as long as I can remember, one thing that I love to do anywhere I am is to be outside at night, under the stars just waiting for something to happen.  It is such an exciting world that is usually missed.   It was about three years ago when I was visiting Dingle in August and I spent the night at a Bed and Breakfast just outside the round-a-bout and when I was coming back from town one night I had the chance to really see the stars and it was just amazing how many I could see.  I think I can maybe compare the feeling to be like those seeing snow for the first time. I was just floored by what I miss out on living in the suburbs.  It was gorgeous and before I knew it a shooting star.  Just beauty in the sky.  I miss being outside.  Like really outside, I am stuck in a building all day with no windows, knowing there are beautiful flowers and trees all around me and I can't see them.   So when I am in Ireland, that is really the only place where I feel like I am really outside, whether it's in town, at the beach or up in the mountains, every day I am there, I can see all of them in one day if I wanted to and it makes me feel so good.  


So my longtime Irish friend got himself as tent and I wanted to go pitch it somewhere cool and so we did.  Our first victim was Annascaul Lake and let me tell you something if he had started my whole trip with this tent near a lake and mountains in the middle of nowhere thing he might not have ever seen a pub.  I was in my heaven and I had him all to myself.   We got the tent up, we weren't really sure what the extra pieces were for until later on that evening.  He taught me how to fish the day before this whole trip happened.  It was tiring at first but turned out to be fun and addicting.  I wasn't really in it to catch anything, I just wanted to get good at the casting.  But I guess catching the fish is what makes a good fisherman especially if you have to live off it, but we brought food so it didn't matter.  The weather was typical Irish weather, beautifully warm and sunny that afternoon, then turning cloudy and choppy, as the evening went on we experienced heavy rain and gale force winds, in a tent that is what it felt like. 


I was sunning myself on the rocks earlier that afternoon while I was fishing and living the life.  After we set up the tent we got a little bit of wood, made a fire pit, and went fishing.  He took off on me and went to the other side of the lake and for the pictures sake maybe I should have too but I didn't I just went a little way from camp, not sure what I was thinking, I could have walked around anywhere.  I tried collecting firewood but that plan was foiled when I had to face off with a sheep who had horns and he wasn't backing down.  It was like a wild west showdown, I walked forward and so did he, I backed up and he just kept coming towards me.   I'm not too familiar with sheep, so I turned around not looking for trouble and he said "Baa haa haa ha" and his friends joined in too.  I quickly walked back to camp and entertained myself there while patiently waiting for my friend to return.  Word must have gotten out from the sheep above that there was an American wandering the lake so they came at me from both sides, I could either hide in the tent, jump in the lake or stand my ground.  I stood my ground, pointed my fishing rod at them and made gun firing noises.  They got the message and took off. 


Finally, my friend returned, he got the fire going we cooked our supper on the open fire a lovely sea trout and some sausages and other little bits and pieces we brought along to snack on.  That was the most delicious meal I have ever had, even better it was cooked over the open fire.  As, the night rolled on, so did we, drinks and laughs and the dark sky filled everywhere with bright stars.  It was amazing.  We crawled into our tent for the night just in time.   The gale force winds and rain decided to pay us a visit and in the middle of the night that's when we figured out what those extra pieces of our tent were for.  It was an experience of a lifetime and I can't wait to be at the lake again.  This is truly one my favorite spots.






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